coreDAO: How to Migrate & Access website

Access the CORE Vault Website

The CORE Vault server infrastructure was migrated to https://corefinance.eth.

Learn more about this topic in the medium article: Initializing coreDAO…

In order to access the new website you need to have an IPFS and ENS compatible website:

In the Brave Browser make sure that you have the method to resolve ENS as Ethereum. You can find this in Settings > Extensions > Method to resolve ENS:

If you do not have access to any of the above mentioned solutions, you can use a less decentralized path to access these websites. Append “.LINK” or “.LIMO” to the end of the .ETH name. Be cautious, these centralized solutions are less secure and there is a risk of a MITM attack.

Migrate your coreDAO Vouchers for coreDAO

Learn how to migrate your coreDAO Vouchers to coreDAO in the medium article
coreDAO LP Voucher Migration

Steps to migrate:

  1. Unstake all LP
  2. Go to Migration (New) tab
  3. Approve LP1, LP2, LP3
  4. Migration to CoreDAO

Unstake all LPs

1.Go to the Farm Tab and press the Unstake button in order to unstake your coreDAO vouchers. Approve transactions one by one. You might get an error but corroborate your transactions with Etherscan that they are successful before proceeding. ’

2.Once your vouchers are unstaked proceed into the Migration tab and approve the LPs Migration. You might not see all LP buttons at the same time and they might appear one by one as you approve them.

  1. Once you approve all LPs there will be a new button that says Migrate LP → coreDAO


Confirm and approve the migration and a window will pop up displaying that you have successfully migrated.

For your wallet to track your coreDAO you can add following ERC20 address:

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