Any FANNY Fans with some expectations and hopes?

HowlerMonkey February 23, 2022, 7:50pm #1

This project is in its infancy stages so I understand that there’s a multitude of different topics to be covered. That being said,I would love to see some clarification and updates on FANNY and the advantages/benefits of owning the FANNY token (and FANNY Pack.) I personally participated in farming FANNY and burned about 1 CORE token. I didn’t make as much as I hoped so I just purchased some with the faith that like all LGE’s, there would be some future benefit. I also have a physical FANNY Pack so I’m really a huge fan. There isn’t too much discussion about FANNY, even in the Telegram Channel. Any other FANNY Fans?


Spare) February 26, 2022, 11:25pm #2

I would also like to see some use case for my Fanny.

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RomanAround February 27, 2022, 5:57pm #3

I also believe there should be a future for the Fanny…

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csu March 1, 2022, 12:34am #4

FANNY fan here, although unsure about its future plans/prospects.

Would like to think that it’ll tie into the bigger picture at some point.


WTwizard) March 12, 2022, 7:57pm #5

Fanny is the most rare ‘long option’ on Core ecosystem. If you hold one whole fanny then that is double the rarity as it bestows the potential to trade it for the physical item.

No one really discusses Unisocks that much anymore either. Yet it regularly sits over $100K during normal markets. It only feels like it has no utility because the Core ecosystem hasn’t opened for business yet. Fanny is the top of the Core Citadel meme image for a reason:)


HowlerMonkey March 12, 2022, 9:53pm #6

I agree with everything you’ve stated 100%. The rarity and possibilities of FANNY and the rest of the CORE/DELTA ecosystem is self-evident. The comparison to Unisocks was just one of the many reasons I decided to secure some FANNY. I’m full of hope and anxiously await the inevitable meteoric rise of the Phoenix that is CORE and it’s long awaited Citadel. I have patiently watched the devs reveal their ingenious and innovative approach to DeFi. I could see their potential from the beginning and haven’t been disappointed yet. I guess the excitement is only intensifying with the rollout of cLend. It feels like the long awaited DEX is close on the horizon. I would like to hear some ideas and speculation of what we could expect from FANNY. We can only speculate at the moment but my excitement with this project was in the guessing of what’s next. Nobody knew that a DEX was part of the future plans when this all started.