Breakdown Delta Tokenomics & How to use it

WTwizard March 13, 2022, 2:42pm #1

New users… here are some basics to answer/solve the most common confusions with Delta ecosystem

Delta, as it stands now, is a little confusing for new users. It has a few quirks that will be cleared up in the following threads. This is based on the most common questions and problems that keep coming up in the TG chats. For OG cult members, you can skip this and just enjoy the quieter TG chats going forward:)


WTwizard March 13, 2022, 3:33pm #2

Newer user ELI5 post:

** How to use the Delta ecosystem: The Basics**

Delta can be tricky to understand. In order to cut down on some of the same issues/questions I have seen in the TG chats, here are the most common ideas/things to understand about Delta/rLP (in no particular order).

As of right now (March 12th, 2022) Delta and rLP are only utilizing their farming attributes. So this will only address the farming part of the tokens utility. First part is how to purchase the tokens. Second part is how to stake rLP into the Delta ecosystem.

Buying Tokens


  • When you buy Delta directly from Sushiswap, you will receive 10% of your purchase directly in your wallet. The balance of your funds will stream into your wallet over the next 14 days without the need for you to do anything else.
  • If you sell or move your Delta during this two week period then it will be deemed ‘interrupted’. Any Delta not already in your wallet from this purchase will be lost.
  • There have been questions trying to get the exact details of ‘what is a transfer’ or ‘how does this affect other Delta in my wallet’ etc. Keep it simple and just leave your Delta alone until all the funds are there. And yes, just transferring Delta to another wallet that you own is considered an interruption.


  • You can purchase rLP from uniswap (currently has the most liquidity) or sushiswap.
  • There are no ‘vesting’ restrictions on rLP. You can buy/sell/move/stake/unstake at will with no risk of loss.

Interacting with Delta Ecosystem

The most common action in Delta is Staking/Unstaking rLP tokens into Delta. To keep it as simple as possible, just the actions and results will be listed without too much strategy/game theory. That will be for later in this thread. We just want to get new users into the system as easily as possible since it really is best to get things into action and see the results for yourself.


Anytime you stake/unstake rLP there are three events that happen. To conserve on gas costs, the devs grouped these actions together, so it is by design. The info to focus on is the Rewards section marked as “rLP stats” in the image above.

Staking rLP

  1. rLP is deposited
  2. Claimable ETH is sent directly to your wallet as wETH (add that token address to your wallet so you see it when it arrives) (0xC02aaA39b223FE8D0A0e5C4F27eAD9083C756Cc2)
  3. Ready to compound DELTA is deposited into the DFV (Deep Farming Vault)

Unstaking rLP

  1. rLP is returned to your wallet
  2. Claimable ETH is sent directly to your wallet as wETH (add that token address to your wallet so you see it when it arrives) (0xC02aaA39b223FE8D0A0e5C4F27eAD9083C756Cc2)
  3. Ready to compound DELTA is deposited into the DFV (Deep Farming Vault)

The game theory of DFV multipliers etc will be in a later post. Don’t concern yourself with ‘burning Delta’ at this point to keep it simple. The multipliers theory is really for when coreDEX options are generating ongoing/obscene fees which are not turned on yet.


WTwizard March 14, 2022, 2:05am #3

Newer user ELI5 post:

What is Stable Yield?

Now that you have your rLP staked you will begin receiving Delta into your Rewards section. The SS below is just that section


This section just deals with the direct yields from your staked rLP. There is a line for DELTA rewards and ETH rewards. Currently there have been very little ETH rewards accumulating. ETH rewards are only earned from DELTA token forfeits. Forfeits are from ‘interrupted vesting’ of DELTA tokens. This will generally be low until the options utility is turned on, so it is normal for this to be mostly zero for the time being.

The active line is the DELTA rewards line. Currently the devs have turned on ‘Stable Yield’ to placate the apes and cult members while they get the DAO, CoreDEX, and Options functionality set up. A big Thank You to the devs for delivering on this promise and most everyone has been happy with the program.

Anecdotal feedback from the TG chats has pegged Stable Yield at 1Delta/per rLP/per week. Your mileage may vary but that is the average. To keep it simple just check your rewards every Wednesday to see the progress and get a feel for your level of rewards. You do not have to do anything except keep your rLP staked to receive Stable Yield. You can let your DELTA rewards grow until the value justifies the gas costs to Compund them into the DFV. This will be another post in the thread, so for now just enjoy the free DELTA and let it accumulate:)

Sidenote: At the bottom of the Delta page is the ‘Stable Yield’ section (SS below)


New users can just ignore this section. The purpose of this section is to show the total accumulated DELTA rewards for Stable Yield that have not yet been distributed to all the rLP stakers. This amount is for everyone in total, not your individual rewards. The Distribute button at the bottom does actually tell the contract to distribute the accumulated rewards to all the rLP stakers. Each person would receive their respective share of the rewards based on their staking amount.

The original idea was that this would be called every Wednesday, by anyone that wanted to do it, in an effort to continue to decentralize the protocol. The devs, kindly, included a ‘delta token tip’ bonus to whoever called the distribution. This tip was to cover the gas cost plus a little extra. Of course this gets called much more often as newer people don’t understand it and just try it out. Make it easy on yourself and ignore this section as it will 100% be called without you having to do anything or spend gas.


WTwizard March 14, 2022, 3:01am #4

Newer user ELI5 post:

The Flow of funds IN/OUT of Delta ecosystem

This is a quick description of the roundtrip of your funds from leaving your wallet to returning to it. It may be helpful to begin to understand your earning potential and start getting a feel for the game theories involved in Delta.

  1. Stake rLP
  2. Earn DELTA & ETH rewards
  3. Compund the DELTA rewards into DFV (you are essentially just depositing your earned DELTA into another vault. This is labeled as ‘Compounding’ though as your earned DELTA rewards will be generating its own DELTA rewards)
  4. When you are ready to withdraw some of your DELTA rewards, you would initiate a withdrawal contract that will vest over a year. Over the year your total withdrawal amount will be collected into your contract. At the end of the year, you select ‘Claim’, and the total amount will be deposited to your wallet.

You can also choose to stake purchased DELTA directly into the DFV which would follow steps 3-4 above.

The 365 day vesting contracts have brought up a couple common questions so here are the answers to them:

  • Interrupting a vesting contract means transferring the tokens that have arrived in your wallet before the total amount is released. Transfer is a sale to a DEX or a transfer to another wallet that you own or a friend owns.
  • Each withdrawal contract is distinct and separate. If you interrupt one contract, it does not affect any other contract.
  • This means that the most effective way to ensure you do not interrupt a withdrawal contract is to monitor it on the DELTA site and not by your wallet holdings.

Another way to look at the 365 day vesting contracts is as a long option on DELTA. This will start to make sense in later posts when the game theories will be discussed. For now just let your rewards ride and keep learning.