CORE DELTA Total Value Locked


iamcapote August 2, 2022, 8:35pm #1
To clarify the contracts from which CORE DELTA TVL can be extracted. Different protocols have different metrics which can include and exclude certain contracts.

*Updated August 22 2022

Contract Details for CORE DELTA TVL

Name Total USD Contract Address
CoreDEX 7,153,061 0x54B276C8a484eBF2a244D933AF5FFaf595ea58c5
Treasury 52,836 0xe508a37101FCe81AB412626eE5F1A648244380de
DELTA Stable Yield 3,213,498 0x3554fc4998F83967DCAB5B2EF858E8E63FeFBD26
DELTA Staking 10,145,654 0x9fE9Bb6B66958f2271C4B0aD23F6E8DDA8C221BE
DELTA LSW 112,438 0xdaFCE5670d3F67da9A3A44FE6bc36992e5E2beaB
DELTA Multisig 24,839,238 0xB2d834dd31816993EF53507Eb1325430e67beefa
wCORE (Proxied) 175,688 0x17b8c1a92b66b1cf3092c5d223cb3a129023b669
coreDAI (Proxied) 27,696 0x00a66189143279b6db9b77294688f47959f37642
FannyVault Proxy 99,989 0xbb791bc6106e4d949863e2ab76fc01ac0a9d7816
CBTC pair 119,156 0x6fad7d44640c5cd0120deec0301e8cf850becb68
coreDAI pair 137,000 0x01ac08e821185b6d87e68c67f9dc79a8988688eb
CORE LGE II Proxy 84,723 0xf7ca8f55c54cbb6d0965bc6d65c43adc500bc5
cBTC Proxy 14,832 0x7b5982dcab054c377517759d0d2a3a5d02615ab8
CORE Token 19,493 0x62359ed7505efc61ff1d56fef82158ccaffa23d7
CoreVault Proxy 188,662 0xC5cacb708425961594B63eC171f4df27a9c0d8c9
Uniswap CORE/WETH UNI 1,251,917 0x32ce7e48debdccbfe0cd037cc89526e4382cb81b
Burn Address 51,799,688 0xDeaDbeefdEAdbeefdEadbEEFdeadbeEFdEaDbeeF
Dev Treasury / Core Multisig 59,276,180 0x5A16552f59ea34E44ec81E58b3817833E9fD5436
Core TVL 68,601,233 -
Delta TVL 38,310,828 -

Total CoreDelta TVL: $106,912,061 USD

Total CoreDelta TVL + TVB: $158,711,749 USD

TVB (Total Value Burned): -

“Total Value Locked (TVL) represents the number of assets that are being staked in a specific protocol at the moment: this value is not meant to show the number of outstanding loans, but rather the total amount of underlying supply that is being secured by a specific protocol or application by DeFi completely.”

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zeroexjeff August 22, 2022, 8:56pm #5
Based off of this definition we might want to change the TVL calculation above, as the burn address contributes a significant amount. Neither the developers nor the DAO control this address, so it feels a bit cheesy to include it since TVL is a rather important metric imho.

|Burn Address|51799688|0xDeaDbeefdEAdbeefdEadbEEFdeadbeEFdEaDbeeF

Would love to hear everyone’s thoughts on this.

Appreciate all your work! :heart: @iamcapote

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iamcapote August 22, 2022, 10:25pm #6
i understand this is rather to show that different protocols use different metrics to designate TVL. Posted this to list every contract in the CORE ecosystem that has value in it and leave it up to specific protocols to define their TVL metrics. i revised the wording to reflect this