coreDAO borrow / invest / claim / repay, repeat

Jad_the_Chad April 30, 2022, 2:20am #1

Any profit generating schemes > 20% APY with moderate risk entices users to borrow from coreDAO. Less risk &/or higher APY = bigger incentive.

The more dai borrowed the more interest coreDAO earns, the more liquidity it has to dispose. The more value our community has.

With that in mind, shouldnt we all be trying to identify & share those opportunities/ideas, whether they are internal (like rLP) or external? If its kosher, id like to start this thread discussing those oppurtunities as a community, sharing ideas & considering pros/cons


WTwizard May 7, 2022, 2:27pm #2

Discussing how to invest users funds, inside Coreverse and especially outside the Coreverse, is probably a topic best left to private discussions. The admins and devs have, as far as I have seen, stayed away from those types of topics.