FAQ: Why so many hamsters? 🐹


iamcapote December 8, 2022, 5:02pm #1

The Hamster Dance is one of the earliest internet memes ever made in 1998.

The meme consisted of a serious of rows of animated GIF hamsters dancing to a modified version of “Whistle-Stop” song.

The meme quickly became famous as it gathered many views even in actual televised news reports.

The CORE Dev Team adopted this “mascot” to create an old-school windows95 internet authentic aesthetic.

Most of the CORE Hamster art is created by a NFT artist that has the Pixel Hammies Collection which is a collection well received by the Core community.

This is mostly the reason that you see a lot of PFP of hamsters in the forum and chats. And if you want to keep the Hammie tradition you don’t need an NFT to change your PFP into a hamster :smiley:


Hampster Dance - Wikipedia - info

The Hampster Dance website in 1999 in Netscape Navigator 4.04 - YouTube – how it actually looked like

https://opensea.io/collection/pixel-hammies - hammie collection

0xRevert - MSPaint - direct link to mona lisa NFT