[IDEA] CORE LST: Compounding the Floor


The creation of a CORE LST that seeks to enhance organically the CORE Ecosystem.


  1. Remove Liquidity
  2. Create a Staking Node with ETH
  3. Create a rebase corestakedETH token representing that staked ETH liquidity much like LIDO does with stETH.
  4. Replace the ETH in CORE LP pools
  5. The floor now is compounding with the wrapped staked ETH & peg to corewstETH

Additional Information

Core is in an unique position to do this due to its locked liqudity.

  • Cross-Chain Expansion: we could explore opportunities to expand to other blockchain networks, such as Layer 2 (L2) solutions or compatible blockchains. This can help CORE reach a broader user base and gain more liquidity.

  • Delegated Staking: ETH holders can also delegate their ETH to this staking NODE

  • Governance Integration: We could explore ways to integrate governance features into the staking process. CORE holders who stake their tokens could be given voting rights or decision-making power in the CORE ecosystem.


  • Could create further incentives for staking CORE and coreDAO.
  • Could also work for rLP and Delta
  • Could also work for a part of the Liquiditiy in the pools and not using all of the ETH for this.

Edit Comments:

  1. For rLP and Delta might not work since the idea is that the ETH over there is much more liquid and fluid but maybe we could delegate the ETH from Delta to CORE Staking Node and also benefit from the ETH locked there too.

  2. i was asked what is the benefit of a system like this over LIDO, two ideas here: a. limit our exposure to risks to our own contracts and eliminate exposure to additional platforms contracts.
    b. LIDO does not have permanently locked liquidity, although their liquidity is staked users can remove their staked ETH. Withdrawals | Lido so the idea is that coreETH cannot be unstaked from the network. Complete lock down.