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0xTedious November 22, 2022, 8:30pm #1

I am new to this forum, albeit not new to the crypto sphere. Got my feet wet in 2017, right before it all went south :D. I have been invested in CoreVerse since Delta’s LSW in April 2021, and have DCA’ed heavily into rLP’s ever since then.
I have read through most of the documentation from CoreVerse, and have tried a lot of stuff on-chain to test out how stuff works and learn as much about the CoreVerse as I can, as I am not a developer yet and cannot understand how it works just by reading the code.

Declaration of interests.
For CoreVerse holdings, I have about 85% of my balance in rLP and Delta. CoreDEX wise, I am holding CORE, CoreDAO, and Fanny tokens.

I have the utmost respect for the Coreverse team, and I do not doubt that CoreVerse, in a couple of years, will blow even the most optimistic of us out of the water. I think the significance of what Coreverse is building for DeFi is astronomic.

Part of me thinks that stuff was launchable ish back in Q2 2021, but Hayden pissed off the devs so badly that they hunkered down and are creating a End-All-Be-All DeFi solution, that will make FakeSwap as modern as VHS. Cheers for that vision!

I am fully aware that this forum is just a place for interaction within the community and a place the developers visit and interacts with from time to time. I am fully aware that CoreVerse is not in any way a DAO yet, and that everything that gets decided and implemented is fully at the developer’s discretion, and I respect that. So what I am bringing to the table is just suggestions that I have gotten after interacting with a lot of the CoreVerse features combined with my own hopes for the future.

If I by any chance insult the developers or long-standing members of the community by any bias I have or misunderstandings of part of the features or ecosystem, then I am deeply sorry. That was never my intention.

I am neither keeping any of the earlier communications through Medium, Twitter, and such as proof of how it should be in the future as businesses pivot, change directions, improve stuff, discard other stuff and change along the way. I am referencing some articles in my ramblings simply to point to the point where I got the impression from. Nothing more, nothing less.

I will divide each “area” of suggestion in its own post to make discussion easier instead of just putting everything in one thread.

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0xTedious November 22, 2022, 8:40pm #2
I have more suggestions to post in addition to the halting liquidations in cLend, but due to being a new user, I am halted for 23 hours before I can make new topics. :smiley: