Max Total Supply & Circulating Supply FAQ

iamcapote August 13, 2022, 3:04pm #1

CORE Max Supply is exactly 10000

However there were a total of 8414 CORE that were burned.

CORE Circulating Supply is close to 1,586 CORE


Jad_the_Chad August 17, 2022, 11:34pm #2

Another 1.86 CORE are not retrievable and ready for liquidation. That is an insignificant quantity, but there are 390 CORE on loan, which will mostly face liquidations in the next 4 months. Given the rate of repayments, I expect >50% to liquidate and the un-retrievable CORE will become a significant figure: 1200 to 1390 CORE. Imagine the smell!

Perhaps devs are going to force the liquidations at next phase and it will become observable.

Thanks for all your posts iamcapote, you have put together some great information resources.