New Wallet Dashboard


x3devships February 21, 2022, 3:35pm #1

Proposal to create a wallet dashboard

I thought I would start posting development plans here in the sake of transparency, and setting a better precendent for the future of the dao. Here I want to discuss an aggregate dashboard which uses much of the existing code in the ecosystem and simply combines it in to one place.

Wallet self-support tool (corndog)

You probably saw the corndog repo thats hosted on github before the coreDAO migrations happened. This tool was meant to show people who had questions about the state of their wallet what options they had, and next steps at that particular phase of the project. I would like to incorporate such a tool as a permanent fixture on either cLend or win95 CORE sites, and have this apply to both delta and core holders. The tool should simply assess a user’s wallet (connected or keyed in address) and identify any pending tasks, staked coins, etc. You could expand this to think of it more like a for CORE specifically.


Proposed features:

  • Showing if a user has a pid 0,1, or 2 staked value in the core vault, along with an estimated fiat value for their holdings, and an estimation of if the gas cost makes the effort of unstaking/restaking worthwhile.
  • Showing the yield & amount they are getting in the core vault, or the upcoming frax/curve vaults (aaaaaaah im giving alphaaaaa)
  • Present staked DELTA and pending withdrawal contracts
  • Present anything staked or burned in FANNY vaults ( i forget what options we had here initially, is it just burned? perhaps not that useful any more to show since there’s no action you can take)
  • Present interest owed, date of upcoming liquidations on cLend, amount borrowed, and collateral inside cLend contract
  • Present the upcoming rLP tasks that will need to be completed as part of coreDAO and rLP future (once decided)

After writing this it definitely feels some of it is redundant. I think it would be most useful to focus on ACTION-ORIENTED things. It’s easy to go ham just making a full dashboard, but what we really want is like a TODO that is wizard-like and somewhat intelligent about making suggestions. So for example in the above regarding upcoming liquidations, you would simply show “You are going to be liquidated in 14 days, top up your collateral with 0.25 CORE to extend loan by 6 months?” With a button to add more collateral to extend with that amount pre-computed for the user.

Also I think given we have TWO sites at this point, doing much of the same thing, this probably belongs on the cLend site because it is the “user friendly” one.


wuuuuup February 21, 2022, 4:01pm #2

Fully support this initiative, both regarding posting development plans in general on the Forum and regarding this specific tool as it would help making CORE more intuitive and userfriendly.


Wake February 21, 2022, 6:22pm #3

I would love a full-ham dashboard and action item list. I’ve been bugging for something like this for a year.

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GodHand February 22, 2022, 12:51am #4

This project keeps getting better and better with time. The core team continues to play chess while others are waiting to copy and paste. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and alpha with the community!


notsegfault February 23, 2022, 1:51am #5

I think this could offer an opportunity to create 2 new packages for the ecosystem.

These would allow reusing them across multiple other components as dependencies and regroup the business logic at the same place.

  1. “core-sdk”: responsible of querying every contract of the core ecosystem for easy data consumption
  2. “core-api”: a rest or graphql api, using “core-sdk” to fetch and query the onchain data. Should be using something like 10m caching to avoid spamming the backend rpc endpoint.

the dashboard could then be using core-api to access the necessary information. If the dashboard is read only, I don’t think the centralized nature of the backend should be a security concern.


0xFMB February 23, 2022, 1:08pm #6

This would be very cool to have for the core ecosystem and will make it easier to build on top of the existing websites and functionalities.

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x3devships February 23, 2022, 4:49pm #7

It can probably just be 1 package, i’m not sure what splitting sdk and api would provide in terms of additional flexibility. I mostly agree the business logic should be extracted somewhere before making a THIRD interface. It also helps promote the idea of having multiple independent front-ends from multiple authors if we provide a sdk package that removes much of the core-specific and web3-specific coding work. I wonder if there’s an opportunity to collab with corecharts folks to build something broader than that, or extend their work even, given it has some history capabilities


Rousseau February 24, 2022, 1:47am #8

I fully support this initiative.

I’m starting to see the potential of how different developers could hook into our ecosystem and add value. Still catching up on this crypto stuff.

I hope X3 and the other devs can start having fun with it again. Now that loans are up and stable yield is starting to flow I know I am!