Proposal Template

  1. Before creating a new Proposal, please check the forum for similar proposals that have been discussed by the community.

  2. This proposal template is intended to help you write your proposal and it is not a requirement so please modify this template to accommodate your proposal.


Please write a clear and concise summary of what you are proposing. Use “[Proposal]” before the title content.

No: [Proposal] Add XYZ asset

Yes: [Proposal] Add XYZ asset to create yield based on estimated models that take into account risk, pitfalls, and impact.

Proposal Content


Choose either discussion or voting

Discussion: You’ve discussed the idea with the community and it sounds like this could be a good proposal. During this time, the community will give you feedback on the format and details.

Voting: The final version of the proposal has been officially submitted on Tally and the community can further discuss pros/cons here.

Main Area of Impact

Choose from Governance, Protocol, Treasury, Fees, Liquidity Mining, or Other.


Include the proposal’s author(s) and their roles.

Author: Name (@Username/Email)
Co-Author: Name (@Username/Email)
Developer: Name (@Username/Email)

Main Content


  • The abstract is a summary that should offer a clear outline of the proposal
  • Remember to make this as non-technical, clear and brief as possible.
  • Use bullet points


Use this space to present and clarify information that is relevant to your proposal. Detail the problems and evidence clearly. Present ideas fluidly and concisely. Introduce all the important concepts and relevant information needed to understand your proposal. Organize and develop the concepts from a general perspective to a detailed perspective similarly to a cone or v-shape in order to have an easy-to-follow structure.

What information is needed to understand your proposal?


State the proposal along with any necessary details. Keep it short and clear. Describe the new features that will be implemented. Include original flowcharts, graphics and other media that is original and relevant to explaining the proposal.

What is the aim and scope of the proposal?


Use this section to explain the motivation, incentives, benefits and impact that your proposal can have on the overall ecosystem. Provide clean arguments and specific examples. Explain your reasoning and rationale behind this proposal and why certain changes are needed. Include all the necessary arguments, examples, and data needed to justify your proposal.

What benefits does your proposal add to the project?

Technical Specifications

When relevant include all technical details including code, pseudocode, github repository links, similar code in open source projects, API information, audits and security measures.


Use this space to specify how the problem will be resolved and how your proposal will be implemented. Include the necessary & critical next steps that need to be taken in order to implement this proposal. Present test cases that can be done to implement proposed changes. Include an overview of how the implementation pipeline will look like with all appropriate and important milestones.

Who will implement the proposal and how?


Include all links used in the proposal in order of appearance.


Include a clearly defined, unbiased For and Agains poll to gauge community sentiment. The poll tool is found on the gear icon inside the post a topic menu.

Example: Would you vote for passing this proposal?

  • Yes
  • No
  • The proposal needs more info